Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what if the world was created by sound!

Many scientific studies have proven to us how the Universe is in constant vibration, and these vibrations generate waves.
Waves are produced in many shapes and forms, with different frequencies and volume.
Weather we hear them or not, earth is constantly producing sounds, and these sound waves can be very positive, or very destructive.
to be continued...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holistic Hypnotic Music

Research has proven the tremendous healing power of music and natural sounds, in addition to hypnotic positive affirmations, can create a phenomenon called "Miracles".

Proper health can contribute to positive mind and thinking patterns, and this positive thinking has to be re-enforced constantly, because we are being bombarded by society and media with negative messages, we must change purposely if we want to improve our lives.

Our Custom made Holistic Hypnotic Music can help you in any area of your life, improving your health, financial prosperity, and in any particular area you wish to transcend for the best of your well being.

We use proper vibrations and sounds to heal specific health problems, creating unique soundtracks just for you!
You can play your Cd's everywhere you go to heal and improve your life today!

You can contact SolahMoon Productions for more Information.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grants for Musicicans!

  • The  Canada Consul of Arts offers grants to professional Canadian musicians that can be used to make sound recordings, as well as grants that cover other aspects of a musician's careers. Funding is available for individuals, groups and collectives. Applicants should read the eligibility requirements for the available grants carefully to determine which one best suits her needs. Keep in mind that several of the grant programs, such as the Music Touring Grant, cannot be used for recording.

  • Canada Music Fund
  • The Canada Music Fund (CMF) was created by the federal government to uphold the goals of the Canadian Sound Recording Policy. The CMF oversees five component programs, four of which can be used for sound recording. This includes the New Musical Works Component, aimed at individuals or groups, as well as Canadian record labels, music publishers and others involved in creating music or promotion of the Canadian music industry. All CMF programs are administered by other organizations, such as FACTOR and Musicaction. Information on the programs, applications and contact information can be found on the CMF's website.

  • Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Welcome to SolahMoon Productions

    I am very proud to announce the grand opening of  SolahMoon Productions  on December...something...I don't have a date yet! Lol! But it's here!!! And I can't wait to share my studios with you!!!

    SolaMoon Productions is a Business Dedicated to Music Recording and Production as well as Web Development and Design, where "the artist" comes in with a song, and leaves with a full package retail ready product and image.
    From the Production, Recording mixing and mastering of songs, to the manufacturing and design of retail ready CD's, web pages, press kits, record company portfolio, vocal and instrument coaching, makeup arts and fashion consulting and many more services in "ONE LOCATION"
     Keep in touch to receive more information of upcoming music lessons registrations and tips on how you can get a free website from SolahMoon Designs Website templates.
    Looking forward to see you all soon!!
    Happy art making!